Acoustic foam PU WAVE LIGHT 3 cm

PU30NK WAVE LIGHT not self-adhesive


The indicated price is the unit prize for a single panel
Indication for the calculation of the shipping costs: maximum 16 pieces per package


PU WAVE LIGHT is a sound absorbing material that offers good quality at a low price. The optimized waved structure and the high density for this price absorbe in the medium and high frequency range and are suitable for a variety of fields:

  • Coverings of rooms in the private sector (for rehearsals, hobby room, etc.).
  • private rehearsal rooms
  • private recording studios
  • home cinema
  • General measures to reduce noise
  • other reverberation reductions
Dimensionsca. 100 x 50 x 3 cm
Colourgrey anthracite
Fire safety classB2
Density20-25 kg /m³
Installationglue needed

Acoustic foam PU WAVE LIGHT 3 cm


16,90 CHF

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