Corner absorber PU - grey anthracite 2 cm

PU20NK CORNER not adhesive


The indicated price is the unit prize for a single piece
Indication for the calculation of the shipping costs: maximum 40 pieces per package

Corners PUR

The corners PUR with the same material (polyurethan) as our classic panels. This way after installing the panels you will have a clean and efficient finish. As our panels you can fix the corners with our adhesive or a double sided adhesive tape.


Material: polyurethan
Surface: corner element
Dimensions: ca. 1000 × 15 mm
Colour: grey anthracite
Fire safety class: B2
Density: ca. 30 kg/m³
Assembly: glue is needed

Corner absorber PU - grey anthracite 2 cm


7,90 CHF

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