Acoustic foam Pyramid Basotect® 3 cm

ME30SK PYRAMID self-adhesive


The indicated price is the unit prize for a single panel
Indication for the calculation of the shipping costs: maximum 10 pieces per package

Description pyramidal acoustic panels ME

ME PYRAMID is made of a soft foam material with high noise absorption capacities and stands out thanks to it’s high fire prevention qualities. The raw material we use for our acoustic panels is the foam Basotect of the company BASF.

ME PYRAMID is specially suited for cases where high fire prevention qualities and a good sound absorbtion are required. Thanks to its low weight in combination with a good stability ME PYRAMID can also be used as selfsupporting sound absorbing element.

Some possible employment fields are for example:

  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Shooting Ranges (only suited for the ceiling)
  • Industrial halls
  • Electronics Industry
Dimensionsca. 120 x 60 x 3 cm
Colourlight grey (similar to RAL 7035)
Fire safety classB1 (flame retardant) - Switzerland: fire index 5.3
Density9-11 kg/m³

Acoustic foam Pyramid Basotect® 3 cm


34,95 CHF

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