Callcenter, office

Call Center, Office, Conference Room:

In call centers, offices or conference rooms, the room acoustics play a significant role. Office work requires mental concentration that should not be affected by acoustic noise. A calm working environment improves performance and reduces stress. A place of quiet work, advanced technological systems, absorbent materials and organizational rules reduce noise in the workplace.

For reasons of fire protection in these areas are usually prescribed fire-resistant materials – the ideal product is therefore our Basotect acoustic foam. The ideal thickness for your project is at least 3 cm, 5 cm would be better.

The panels are usually glued to the ceiling – you can cover the entire surface of the ceiling, or at least 50-60% (equally divided in area) in order to drastically reduce the echo and noise pollution.

For offices and conference rooms, we recommend also our acoustic pictures (eg with your company logo) which are good for the aesthetics of your room.
On request we also offer customized solutions with other products.

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