woodaluminium window


BestValue triple-glazing Uw 0,77
BestValue double-glazing Uw 1,2


BestValue triple-glazing Uw 0,73

The special thickness of wood and the high stability of the sashes, window frames, and fittings provide the strongest arguments of the COMBINA window system. They warrant a safe, cosy and comfortable home. Both models are suitable for passive houses, i.e. they are in accordance with the high thermal protection standards required for energy efficient construction.

COMBINApassiv represents the strongest wood/aluminium window of the Katzbeck product range, featuring a frame thickness of 111mm and standard triple glazing. Therefore, the wood/aluminium and wood window specialist provides a good feeling along with a long-term effect.

COMBINA exterior
COMBINA window
COMBINApassiv window
COMBINA interior
COMBINA exterior
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