Acoustic foam Pyramid PU 3 cm red

PU30NK PYRAMID RED not self-adhesive


The indicated price is the unit prize for a single panel
Indication for the calculation of the shipping costs: maximum 20 pieces per package


PU PYRAMID is a sound absorbing material based on high quality materials on the basis of soft foam in polyurethan. Thanks to the optimized resistance to the sound waves and the structure of its surface it has been developed a product with excellent noise absorption and an optical attractiveness.

PU PYRAMID foam has a 30 kg/m³ density and therefore it is a top product for many purposes:

The product can be used for:

  • Coverings of rooms in the private sector
  • Rehearsal rooms, hobby rooms, etc.)
  • Speaker booths (radio, etc.)
  • General measures of noise reduction
Dimensionsca. 100 x 50 x 3 cm
Fire safety classB2
Density30 kg/m³
Installationglue needed

Acoustic foam Pyramid PU 3 cm red

 available: 20 days

15,05 CHF

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