Bass Traps

Bass Trap TOP gray anthracite


The indicated price is the unit prize for a single piece
Indication for the calculation of the shipping costs: maximum 4 pieces per package

Bass Trap Top PU

Our Bass Traps made of polyurethan are high quality absorption elements that are used to optimize the acoustics of rooms. The low weight and the variability of the installation allow a well-aimed improvement of a room’s acoustics.

We recommend a Bass Trap in every corner or 1 Bass Trap for each 10 m².


  • Recording studio
  • Mastering studio
  • Home theatre
  • Lecture hall
Dimensionsca. 99 x 24 x 24 cm
Colourgrey anthracite
Fire safety classB2
Density30 kg/m³

Bass Traps


49,10 CHF

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